Nursery Class

Spring Term 2017

We have been exploring the science of ice.

Problem solving, how to get the spider out of the ice! What happens when we paint on ice?

We have been exploring Maths patterns in nature.

Finding patterns on stones Transient land art with flower petals Flower petal pattern ice sculptures

Autumn Term 2016


In the water feature, the children had fun using tools (eg hammer, hand drill) to attempt to get hidden items out of the
frozen blocks of ice.


Sandpit Rules 

We created a list of rules in the sandpit so that we can all play safely.

Our returning children served as more knowledgeable others and helped us create a list of different difficult scenarios,
e.g. problems in sharing or negotiating space.

Then we worked out what we should do to help each other.

We took some photographs to display as a visual reminder.



In the garden, the children have been fascinated with searching for spiders ' webs. This led to us creating our own webs.

The children wove wool around the trees and used scissors to cut the right length of wool.

We were inspired to use information books to find out more about spiders webs.

The children were introduced to new vocabulary, for example ‘spinnerets’.

We also looked for different 'art' images of spider webs online.

Then we used an identification chart to help us identify the mini -beasts found in the garden and researched in information books
 to extend the children’s early knowledge of bugs.

We started to create a ‘Talking and Thinking Book’ to record the children’s activities and research findings.

We have been enjoying being back at school this term, welcoming back our returning children and getting to know all our new children as they settle in.

The garden has been a lovely place to be, with warm autumn sunshine. Here are a few of our activities: