At Pembury House Nursery School and Children’s Centre we believe that parents are central to ensuring children’s progress and so we strive to develop a close partnership between home and nursery right from the start. We will try to keep you as informed as possible about all aspects of the work of the nursery, through newsletters and other correspondence, our website, and the TV screens, leaflets and noticeboards at the entrances to both our sites. Our children’s centre also provides up to date information and leaflets.

When you child joins the nursery they will be assigned a key person who will be responsible for your child. It is important that your child’s key person keeps you informed about your child’s learning and well-being – please stop and talk to us when you collect your child. We have an open door policy and we want you to feel comfortable to talk to staff and ask questions when you need to. Learning Journeys are kept in classrooms for parents to look at and contribute to. We offer a home visit before your child starts in nursery followed by parent/staff consultations in the autumn and summer terms. You will receive a written report of your child’s progress in the summer term. We offer a parent/child/key person conference once a term to look at your child’s Learning Journey and set learning targets together.

You are most welcome to join us on WOW Wednesday parent/child activities. This will help you to get more involved in your child’s learning, find out more about our curriculum and how you can help at home. We also hope you will join in our family educational visits. Parents are always welcome and if you wish to become a volunteer please ask about our volunteer programme.

Please speak to us rather than worrying about a problem, your child’s key person will be glad to help and will always find time to see concerned parents.

We value your contribution to the life and work of the nursery. Please become more involved and make your voice heard by coming along to our Parents’ Forum meetings. If you are interested in joining our governing body, please look out for when we advertise parent governor vacancies.

Our children’s centre is based on-site and has a variety of activities for parents, carers and children. A timetable of these activities is displayed on notice boards and in leaflets.