Parents' Forum

Who is the Parents’ Forum for?

The Parents’ Forum is a friendly, welcoming group open to all parents and carers of children under 5 living locally.

What is the role of the Parents’ Forum?

The role of the Parents’ Forum is to…
  • Tell us what you think about our groups and services. 
  • Help us to improve – what needs to change? 
  • Develop ideas for new activities or projects. 
  • Help to organise events. 
  • Run workshops. 
  • Involve other parents and carers by consulting them and keeping them informed of new developments. 
  • Help us to reach new families through outreach and being an ambassador for children’s centre services.

Can I help organize the parent’s forum meetings?

Yes, here are the main roles within the Parents’ Forum:
  • Bring together parents and carers for a meeting every term to meet and discuss any relevant issues. 
  • Develop an agenda for each meeting (working with the Learning & Volunteer Coordinator/Children’s Centre Manager and the Secretary of the Parents’ Forum). 
  • Encourage everyone who attends the meetings to take part, contribute to discussions and get involved. 
  • Facilitate discussions and manage dynamics to ensure everyone has the opportunity to speak and be heard. 
  • Liaise with the Children’s Centre team and the Head teacher to share the ideas and feedback from the Parents’ Forum. 

  • Produce the agenda (working with the Chair) and email it to members of the Parents’ Forum before the meeting. Print out copies and bring to meeting. 
  • Take minutes of the meetings, type them up, share with the Children’s Centre Manager and email to members of the Forum. Print out copies and bring to meeting.

Parent representative on South East Tottenham Planning Area Board (SETPAB)
  • Participate in meetings of SETPAB. 
  • Represent the interests of parents from Pembury House and feed these into the discussions as appropriate. 
  • Feedback key points from Cluster Advisory Board to Parents’ Forum. 

Dates of Parents’ Forum meetings:
  • TBC
Meetings are held from 1pm to 3pm.
We look forward to welcoming you!