Music Projects

Shake, Rattle and Roll

Music at Pembury House

Music, Movement, Songs and Rhymes are really important and valued at Pembury House. Each Thursday, Sonya, our music-specialist teacher, teaches music for the whole day, giving all children opportunities to explore their musical self. We sing songs, say rhymes, and explore instruments, such as ukulele, xylophone and hand percussion. This extends children’s progress in all the seven areas of their learning. Each week we have song of the week and rhyme of the week. Ask your children to tell you them and, if you want, you can see them displayed on the nursery walls.

Project: Chamber Tots with Wigmore Hall

Each year we take part in Chamber Tots music training to extend our musically skills to pass onto your children. This year Anna and Pauline are going so they can learn new songs. Last year Maxine and Zohra went and brought back some fantastic songs and we had a fantastic concert at the Bernie Grant Centre. Zamina and Savita went there in Sonya coordinates all this, so please feel free to ask her about the project too. Look on their website as they have fantastic concerts that you can explore with your child/ren.

Sounds of Intent

In September we were invited to be the only North London nursery school and children’s centre to get a 10-week free project from Sounds of Intent, a charity that specialises in early years music for parents and their children. Zamina (O3s) and Kelly (U3s) were working with Rachel from Sounds of Intent, with 10 Pembury families. Parents and staff all agreed that the training helped them to add musical play into their family and nursery life. The progress made was fantastic!

At home, feel great about adding rhymes and songs from your culture and heritage, as well as learning together songs from TV programmes – you child can teach you some! Music is great for maths, speaking, listening and emotional development for you child. Everyday! If you need ideas, speak to your key person or Sonya.

Remember you child loves your voice better than anyone on YouTube!

Sorry YouTube it is true!