Under 3s

Spring Term 2017

Gardening Mixing Rainy Day Painting Testing Pouring

Consulting Testing Materials Making Bubbles

The children displayed high levels of fascination as they investigated what would happen when they added oil
 and food colouring to water. 
They observed the mixture closely, they used their hands to mix the colours together and showed awe
 and wonder as the water changed colour. 
They talked about how the mixture felt and listened to new words to describe the texture, "soft, greasy." 
When they had finished their investigation they tipped the water out of the tray and added fairy liquid
 to make bubbles using brooms.

 Autumn Term 2016

Enjoying the September Sunshine Collecting Materials Mixing in the Mud-kitchen Testing Materials

We have been enjoying being back at school this term, welcoming back our returning children and getting to know all our new children as they settle in. 

The garden has been a lovely place to be, with warm autumn sunshine.  In the mud kitchen, the children have been collecting autumn materials. 

They have been filling and emptying different sized pots and pans, and mixing and combining natural resources.
Playing with slime
The children have been using all their senses as they explored playing with slime! They enjoyed exploring the slime’s length, size and shape as they stre…e…etched it….