Under 3s

Spring Term 2018

Ice exploration

The children have been using their senses to explore ice. They have been developing their understanding of change as the cold hard ice begins to turn to water.  They explored what happened to the ice when it was dropped from a height and watched it break apart.


Children have been encouraged to show care and concern for the wildlife. Practitioners have spoken about how to feed the birds and the children enjoyed working together to make bird feeders. They then hung them in the garden.

Wrapping and breaking

The children have been interested in the masking tape. They have explored size as they wrap boxes with tape. The children problem solved as they discovered different ways of breaking the tape. They then used their fine motor skills to cut smaller pieces of masking tape to attach a range of resources to the boxes.


Talk for Writing

We have been reading, ‘Walking through the Jungle’ and ‘Whatever Next’. These have both been read in the Talk for writing reading group. Practitioners have been developing imaginative creative hooks in the session which have been developed in the group. The children are now beginning to join in with the refrains and anticipating what will happen next.



Children have been developing their imagination. Practitioners have projected stars and planets on to the wall and the children have used boxes as spaceships to travel through space. The children then discovered their shadows and displayed awe and wonder as they watched their shadows move on the screen.

 Autumn Term 2017


                Collecting Materials             Mixing in the Mud-kitchen

We have been enjoying being back at school this term, welcoming back our returning children and getting to know all our new children as they settle in. 

The garden has been a lovely place to be, with warm autumn sunshine.  In the mud kitchen, the children have been collecting autumn materials. 

They have been filling and emptying different sized pots and pans, and mixing and combining natural resources.