Attendance Information for Parents


  • Children who attend well have more opportunities to learn and make friends.
  • They are happier and more confident in nursery.
  • Getting into good routines and patterns of attendance will help your children throughout their schooling.  

Our Expectations

Parents/carers will take every possible step to ensure their child has good attendance (95%)

Children are expected to:

  • arrive on time 
  • attend every day unless they are not well enough to come. 
  • Holidays should be taken during school holidays not during term time. You must complete a term time leave request form, if you are taking your child out of school during term time.
  • Parents/carers will contact school to report their child’s absence by 9.15am


Children can be given medicines when needed (e.g. asthma or hayfever, medication, antibiotics) – parents need to fill out a medicine form first. 


If a child is regularly absent, we will arrange to meet with the parents.

We will explore the reasons for the child’s absence and will work on a plan together with the parent to improve attendance. 

Children with poor attendance will be at risk of losing their place. 

Our Attendance lead is Ruth Doak 


No concern – child attends nursery regularly


Acceptable – child has still missed over a week of school

89% - 91%

Concern – risk to child’s learning and progress

88% and below

Greater case for concern – high risk to child’s progress and learning. Risk of losing child’s place