Natural Thinkers

We are delighted to announce we have won an award for becoming a Natural Thinkers School and we are the first school in Haringey to receive the award! In order to get it, Pembury House had to show evidence for ‘10 Commitments’ and how children connect with nature through inspiring, motivating and practical environmental activities.   


 Natural Thinkers 'Ten Commitments'

  • Children have access to a range of natural areas and materials outside.
  • Children have opportunities to grow, pick and taste produce.
  • Children have access to play with mud.
  • Children care for their natural environment.
  • Children engage with weather and the seasons.
  • Children have opportunities to engage with wildlife.
  • Children have daily access to the outside and nature for at least 25% of their day or session.
  • Settings ensure that no child is excluded from outdoor activities.
  • Settings ensure parent/carers have opportunities to get involved with natural thinkers activities.
  • Settings ensure that new staff attend the natural thinkers training or are inducted inhouse

Natural Thinkers is designed to connect young children with nature, by ensuring all children have access to a natural outdoor area. At Pembury we recognise the importance and benefits of outdoor learning.  We use the space to support the development of children’s natural curiosity, scientific exploration and their imaginations!